Latex Care

Information and Care

True Latex is a natural material made from the sap of the gum tree. Latex comes in different thicknesses. Thinner Latex sheeting is usually referred to as Latex and thicker material is usually referred to as rubber. They are the same thing. Latex used for garments and toys is not vulcanized and is much more fragile than the rubber used in tires on your car. Vulcanizing is the process of cooking and mixing sulfur in with the latex gum to harden it and make it more impervious to the elements. Because Latex is a natural organic substance some people are allergic. A lot of people that claim latex allergies are actually reactive to the powders and chemicals used in storing latex gloves etc. and not the actual latex itself. A Latex allergy can be a simple rash to a full-fledged go into shock and end up in the hospital sort of thing.

Care and Feeding
Clean thoroughly after use using warm water, not hot, and using a mild antibacterial unscented detergent soap. My personal preference is Neutrogena liquid soap. To clean the Silicone Oil off use Dawn Dishwashing soap.

Air Dry.

Once thoroughly dry store in airtight containers (I use sealable plastic bags) and store in a cool dark, dry place. Sunlight will discolor latex over time. Latex, particularly semi transparent or transparent latex will get cloudy with moisture. Not to worry though, it will become clear again when it dries out.
Latex being a natural material is inherently biodegradable. With proper care Latex garments can last many years. I have some articles over 20 years old.

Avoid perfumes deodorants, mineral or petroleum oils, Glycerin based lubricants, Hand or body lotions.
Avoid Yellow metals such as copper, brass, bronze or metals containing these as alloys.

Do use Food Grade Silicone oil or Silicone Lube for shine and aid in putting on. Some people prefer talc for powdering their latex to assist in putting on and storage. Avoid baby powder talc because it has oils and perfumes.
Do not use cornstarch because if not cleaned properly and completely dry before storing, it will grow mold and fungus which will deteriorate and discolor the latex. It is also believed cornstarch can lead to allergic reactions.

Size Chart:
XXS    US 0/ UK 2/ EU 28     Bust 67-76 Waist 48-57 Hips 72-81
XS       US 2/ UK 4/ EU 30     Bust 76-84 Waist 57-65 Hips 81-89
S          US 4/ UK 6/ EU 32     Bust 84-92 Waist 65-73 Hips 89-97
M       US 8/ UK 10/ EU 36   Bust 92-100 Waist 73-81 Hips 97-105
L        US 12/ UK 14/ EU 40 Bust 100-108 Waist 81-89 Hips 105-113
XL     US 16/ UK 18/ EU 44 Bust 108-116 Waist 89-97 Hips 113-121
XXL US 18/ UK 20/ EU 46 Bust 116-124 Waist 97-105 Hips 121-129

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